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To have an on-line presence and present a thorough overview of the company's ideas, products, services, etc.
The flagship product, Mi Sofrito Puro™ is the first brand recipe created and distributed by Marín de La Isla Verde™ which is also owned by Mr. Marin and Mr. Sawyer. It is a powerful condiment from which many delicious dishes draw their tantalizing flavor; Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Italy and Spain are renowned for its use..

This website was created to not only introduce their healthier product, but to bring awareness to the many harmful ingredients that other sofrito companies have been adding to their product. Mi Sofrito Puro is one of the ONLY sofritos that DOES NOT HAVE MSG (mono sodium glutamate)  which is a cancer causing ingredient and it DOES NOT HAVE SALT.
It is the purest sofrito you’ll ever purchase.

For more information please visit their website.