new life of n.y.c.

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Non-Profit Website Design

To have an on-line presence and present a thorough overview of the company's ideas, products, services, etc.
Once we completed the re-creation of their logo we began the process of designing a new website for New Life of N.Y.C. Photo shoots had to be scheduled, photo retouching and color balancing of their previous photos, as well as the new photos, had to be completed. The wording for each of the pages had to be written by the director and his assistant. We also added some necessary copy to the website, with the approval of the director.

Now that their website has been designed, we are contracted to maintain it by completing any updates and additional content they require when contacting us. We also maintain the “Webmaster’s” section of the website which is when someone visiting the site has either a problem with any part of the website, or if they would like to compliment us.