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Photo Restoration #2

Restoring and/or retouching priceless new or vintage photos.
This particular time a client wanted for us to restore a picture that was originally 5” x 7” sepia color to full color, which her grandmother had crudely cropped with a pair scissors. Grandma just wanted to remove someone from the pic. Fortunately, the picture she gave us was in good shape, however, she didn’t want the original background so we had to first remove the subject, with the chair he was sitting on, from the background. Our next step was to carefully research and choose a background, which the client approved. Now to go to work.

Above left is the original cropped picture provided by the client. Above right are three restored versions enlarged to 8” x 10”. The first version has been colorized, as per clients desire. In order to colorize this photo every section (face, hair, shirt, tie, hands, feet and suit)  were separated from the photo and placed onto separate layers. This is so we can then convert the photo to CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)  in order to have a better control in adding color to each part of the picture individually.

The other two 8” x 10” photos were created as sepia (vintage looking)  and in black & white. Since the client just wanted to restore and colorize the pic, we decided to also give her a sepia and black & white print as a gift.

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(Free evaluations for difficult photos. We reserve the right to reject any photo we deem impossible to repair.)