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Intro / portfolio / photo retouch / photo restore #3

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Photo Restoration #3

Restoring and/or retouching priceless new or vintage photos.
As stated above, there were approximately 35 photos which we had to restore which many were poor in quality. To protect the privacy of the client, and with their approval, permission was granted to post two (2) of the restored photos.

When one of our clients request for us to complete a job that is beyond our scope, we don’t abandon them. In this case our client also wanted us to restore the actual photo album, which was impossible for us to do, however, we contacted one of our vendors to help us achieve the goal. We work exclusively with a wedding photo book manufacture to help us recreate, as close as possible, the original design of the photo album the client previously had. The client was very, very happy.

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(Free evaluations for difficult photos. We reserve the right to reject any photo we deem impossible to repair.)